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Bond Bridge Pro Gains Traction for Simplified, Unified Control of Power Shades, Ceiling Fans, and Fireplaces

More Integrators Are Leveraging Bond Bridge Pro for Simplified, Unified Control of Power Shades, Ceiling Fans, Fireplaces

Home Connectivity Platform Bond Bridge Continues Expansion with More Integrators, Sales Growth, Recognition and National PR Program

Bond Bridge delivers app-based control of RF remote-controlled shades, ceiling fans and fireplaces

Easy-to-use and value-oriented, Bond Bridge represents immediate opportunities for integrators

Cresskill, NJ – February 28, 2022 – Since coming to market in 2018, technology company Olibra has been hard at work responding to strong demand and expanding opportunities for their Bond Bridge platform. Instead of using the RF remote to control their motorized window shades, ceiling fans and fireplaces, Bond Bridge enables homeowners to use the Bond Home App right on their (smartphone / tablet) or via their whole-house control system. Now closing in on 1,000 integrators worldwide, Bond Bridge’s combination of reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness is hitting the mark.

Bond Bridge

Introduced in 2018, aimed at the DIY market, and then discovered by integrators, Bond Bridge ($99 MSRP) learns the commands of the appliance’s RF-remote control. This empowers the user to control the appliance(s) via the Bond Home App. Plus, voice activated control is attainable with the addition of Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or SmartThings Apps. Bond Bridge requires no installation or wiring, and a single Bond Bridge can control as many as thirty connected appliances in a 2,500 square foot home and from anywhere in the world.

Bond Bridge Pro

In 2020 Olibra brought the Bond Bridge Pro (MSRP $379) to market. A step-up in capability and range — and developed expressly with the integrator in mind — Bond Bridge Pro brings power provisions from PoE and robust IP connectivity for easy integration with Control4, Crestron, Elan, RTI, Homebridge and Hubitat. A single Bond Bridge Pro controls up to fifty appliances in a 3,500 square foot home, bringing simplified, unified control to larger projects and covering the entire home.

Olibra CEO Zohar Shinar describes how Bond Bridge Pro came about: “After talking to multiple integrators, we realized they loved the idea of going into a job and connecting a lot of appliances without doing any wiring and without any workarounds – just use the Bond Bridge Pro hub.”

As for Olibra’s growth, Shinar says “Integrator’s care most about reliability, simplicity and value as evidenced by the hundreds of integrators now working with Bond Bridge Pro. It installs easily and opens the door to consolidated control of traditionally RF-controlled devices. On top of this we have expanded our tech support to 12-hours a day, 7-days a week.”

In 2021 CE Pro Magazine recognized Bond Bridge Pro with their IoT/Connected Product award (Control Interface category) which honored IoT-related products serving residential and commercial markets. Entries were judged on several key elements: innovation / technological advancement, ability to integrate with other products, value, end user and integrator benefits.

Olibra has conducted a survey that affirms end-user’s preferences and needs in Smart motorized shades. This research is important for home technology professionals to understand the new and retrofit sales opportunities that Bond Bridge creates. Access the survey here:

“It is clear to us that Olibra has created a worthwhile new platform that delivers efficient functionality, reliability and real value to integrators everywhere. With all this and other near-term initiatives such as 2022 Tech Summits, major partnerships, and new products, Bond Bridge will become a household name in the channel in a short time,” says Richard Frank, Bond Bridge Account Director at Muto Communications, Olibra’s PR agency of record.

For all Olibra/Bond Bridge media inquiries please contact Muto Communications:

Paul Muto / e: [email protected] / direct: 516.662.5374

Richard Frank / e: [email protected] / direct: 949.637.0700

About Olibra
Launched in 2016, Olibra is a technology company dedicated to making the smart home easier to create, simpler to use and more delightful to live with. The company’s Bond Bridge Platform was launched in 2018 as a solution to bridge RF to Wi-Fi control of motorized window shades, ceiling fans and fireplaces via Smartphones and tables including compatibility with popular Voice Activation apps. The Bond Bridge Pro was launched in 2021, with expanded range and capability, ideal for custom integrators.