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NATM Signs New Leaf

Irving, Texas – The NATM Buying Corp. has tapped New Leaf Service Contracts to provide its dealers with extended service programs.

In a statement, NATM executive director Jerry Satoren said the New Leaf programs are “easy for our sales personnel to sell” thanks to their readily communicated benefits.

Satoren also lauded New Leaf for its Internet integration and customer history data mining capabilities.

 “New Leaf’s understanding of consumer desires, coupled with their experienced, high-tech approach matches our membership’s needs,” he said.

Added New Leaf CEO Sean Hicks: “New Leaf is very excited to be partnering with Jerry and NATM members in his prestigious group.”

NATM, a national buying co-op founded 45 years ago, is comprised of 10 big-box regional and multiregional retailers, including some of the nation’s largest CE and appliance dealers.

Its new partner New Leaf is aligned with A-rated insurance carriers to administer and market service contracts throughout the U.S. for such categories as CE, fitness equipment, furniture and automotive.

NATM is the third buying group to utilize New Leaf’s services, joining Azione Unlimited and Resource Plus (formerly the MARTA Cooperative).