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LG, Panasonic Bring HD To Political Conventions

LG Electronics and Panasonic provided HDTV screens and equipment to the Republican National Convention (RNC) and the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

LG Electronics said it received praise from members of the RNC for its role in bringing high-definition images to an estimated 45,000 delegates, alternates, volunteers, media and guests in St. Paul, Minn. earlier this month.

It was also extolled for its contribution to the convention’s Hurricane Information Center at the Xcel Energy Center, site of the 2008 convention. LG said its flat screens were exclusively used in the center where convention delegates tracked the storm, monitored its aftermath and communicated with displaced coastal residents.

LG said it provided about 250 LCD HDTVs, ranging from 19-inch sets used in delegate kiosks, and 32- and 37-inch models for the VIP lounges, to 47- and 52-inch HDTVs throughout the venue.

At the Democratic National Convention (DNC), held last month in Denver, LG supplied 50-inch plasma screens for the DNC Media Pavilion, as well as LCD multivision displays for Denver’s Pepsi Center, where the convention was held. The vendor said it also loaned plasma screens to the DNC Host Committee for the media lounge, while LGE’s sister company, LG Display, was “Official Multivision Display Provider” for the DNC. LG Display provided 100-inch high-definition LCD multivision displays.

LG also co-sponsored policy luncheons and attended industry events at both conventions.

Panasonic was also a supplier to both conventions. At the RNC Panasonic provided DVCPRO professional video cameras, four arena HD digital projectors as well as portable HD projectors, Toughbook laptop computers, Blu-ray Disc players, Lumix digital cameras and consumer HD camcorders.

At the DNC Panasonic provided three 103-inch plasma HDTVs as the centerpiece of the main stage, more than 200 large-screen Plasma displays, 35 HD professional production monitors, 100 Toughbook laptop computers, Lumix digital cameras and HD camcorders and 10 HD video display boards, among other products.