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41% Of Amazon Prime Day Shoppers Have Tech On Their Lists

CE is a primary draw on Prime Day.

Consumer electronics are a primary draw on Amazon Prime Day, a new survey shows.

The poll, conducted by and, reveals that 41 percent of the more than 1,000 consumers surveyed plan to buy tech products during the e-tailer’s annual members-only sales event.

That ties with home goods but beats out all other product categories, including clothing/shoes/accessories (28 percent), toys and games (20 percent), and tools (16 percent).

That said, only 18 percent of respondents are definitely planning to shop on Prime Day. Forty-seven percent are unsure and will await the actual promotion before deciding, while 35 percent have no intention of participating.

Those who do wind up buying something will largely keep it to $100 or less (43 percent). But one-quarter expect to shell out more than $100, and 9 percent plan to spend $250 or more on “deals on all kinds of products and services,” as Amazon promises its Prime members.

No formal date’s been announced for the fourth-annual event, although Amazon may have inadvertently spilled the beans when it briefly posted a banner on its U.K. site announcing July 16 as the start of its mid-summer promotion.

The date would jibe with conjecture by of a later kick-off this year to avoid competing with the FIFA World Cup.

The shopper survey also underscored the pervasiveness of Amazon and its Prime member minions. Fully 98 percent of respondents shop on Amazon, 48 percent are signed up for the loyalty program, and 35 percent of customers shop Amazon at least once a week, the poll showed.

Consumers said they shop Amazon chiefly for the convenience (54 percent), followed by fast shipping (41 percent) and the wide selection (39 percent).

Interestingly, only 36 percent cited Amazon’s low prices, and just 15 percent pointed to the e-tailer’s liberal return policies.

Reflective of customers’ Prime Day plans, tech represented the second most-owned Amazon product category after private-label apparel, led by TV accessories like Fire Stick (29 percent) and Kindle e-readers (27 percent). Echo smart speakers were owned by less than a quarter of consumers (23 percent), with smart-home devices following at 11 percent.

And despite the recent $20 hike in the annual membership price, to $119, only 32 percent said they’re cancelling their memberships. Of the rest, 48 percent will stick with Prime, and 20 percent plan to cancel their memberships and crate trial accounts just for Prime Day.

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The poll was conducted via Google Survey on May 31.