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Amazon Debuts Instant Pickup For 2-Minute Order Fulfillment

Amazon upped the ante on shipment gratification with the debut of Instant Pickup in five U.S. cities.

Geared toward college students, Instant Pickup enables consumers to retrieve items in two minutes or less at self-service pick-up lockers positioned conveniently on or near college campuses. In addition to placing new orders, consumers can also quickly add eligible items to existing orders.

Items available for pickup include consumer electronics, snacks and drinks. Email and text notifications will be delivered when orders are ready.

The service, which is free for Prime and Prime Student subscribers, is currently offered in Los Angeles and Berkeley, Calif.; Atlanta; Columbus, Ohio; and College Park, Md.

The company said it intends to extend Instant Pickup to additional locations. Amazon operates over 2,000 self-service lockers across the U.S.