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The 2015 TWICE Retail Innovation Awards

TWICE is pleased to formally announce the winners of our inaugural 2015 Retail Innovation Awards.

The Innovation Awards series is a variation on a theme first conveyed by its 11-year-old predecessor, the Excellence In Retailing program. Both were created to recognize the industry’s best-of-breed merchants in consumer electronics and major appliances retailing.

As in past years recipients are selected by the editors of TWICE, with a focus this time on how companies have evolved their businesses to adapt to the recovering economy and the changing retail and CE scene, encompassing such disciplines as merchandising, customer service, store and website design, and/or marketing and operational initiatives.

Our first round of winners once again represent a wide mix of go-to-market strategies and distribution channels, including big-box CE, specialty gaming, mobile carrier and independent regional stores. But despite their differences, they all share the determination and resourcefulness to succeed in one of the most competitive of businesses.

So hats off to this year’s recipients and good luck to all in 2016.

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