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13 Of The Best Sales Tips For Consumer Tech Retailers

Number 1: People don’t want to be sold

We spoke with industry experts to learn the advantage and challenges of the modern day sales floor

As part of this, they were kind enough to share their best tried-and-true tips for consumer tech retailers. 

Think we missed an important one? Leave it in the comments and we’ll share it in an upcoming issue of TWICE!

From Stuart & Associates:

1. People don’t want to be sold; they like to buy and they want to enjoy the buying experience. As a salesperson, the sale isn’t about you — it’s about the customer and uncovering his or her needs. So stop interrogating and ask a few great uncover questions such as, “Tell me about what you own now and what you like and dislike about it. And tell me everything you would like this product to do for you.” The objective is to get the customer talking.

2. There’s a difference between wants and needs. Every TV customer wants a TV but each has unique needs. It’s important to paint a mental image by visualizing the customer using the product in their particular space. Don’t sell by standing in the store; sell from where they will be using the product by going there with them mentally. Make sure you both share the same image.

3. When recommending, get the product in the customer’s hand to get them involved. Involvement creates a partial ownership, reduces fears about using features, and lessens chances for returns.

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4. When you recommend a product, figure out what they need and narrow it down to two or three products. Show the most featured product first. The customer deserves to know what’s out there and what they could be missing. If they do not want to spend that much on what’s shown, step down by removing features. At some point as you step down, they will realize that spending a little more will give more enjoyment.

5. Don’t sell out of your own pocket: Don’t think about whether or not you could afford it or want it. It’s what the customer wants and needs — make them happy.

6. You sell hundreds of these products each week, but the customer is either buying his or her first one or replacing one that’s years old. That tells you they may not know of all the changes in technology. Educate them so they know about everything available.

7. Remember that they’re in the store today to solve a need or desire that they have today. Your job is to not only resolve that need but to get the customer thinking about what they want this product to do six months or a year from now. Their needs are going to change, so be sure you are selling them a product that will grow with them.

8. You are selling toys. The customer came in excited about this purchase, so fan the flame and create more excitement.

9. Recommend all the accessories they are going to need to do everything they want the product to do. If they have to come back for them, they will be frustrated with you.

10. Keep it simple! Anyone can get product information from the Internet; understanding what it all means is the part that frustrates customers. And always be honest and sincere and be yourself.

From Nationwide Marketing Group:

11. For sales managers: Bring salespeople together to share ideas and create a culture where they know they need to get better and get rewarded for helping each other get better.

12. For salespeople: Greet customers them in a way that makes a connection around what they’re trying to solve. Ask them what brought them in. That can lead into a conversation about needs and dreams and fears.

13. Follow through after the sale: Call the customer to make sure that the product has been delivered, is working and that they’re happy with the purchase. You’re showing that you care beyond the transaction and that you want them to know all the interest you showed was for real. Every time they show off that new fridge, they have the opportunity to say that they bought it from you and they’re happy.

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