New Security Cameras, Promotions and Contests Are Swann's Contribution to Crime Prevention Month

Swann a global leader in DIY security solutions focusing the public on staying safe at home and at work
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October is Crime Prevention Month, a time when law enforcement agencies encourage the public to take preventive safety measures at home and at work.

With the right technology and proactive attitudes, every citizen can take tangible steps to better protect themselves, family/friends, and fellow workers to help create safer communities. In particular, they can stay one step ahead of wrongdoers by installing web-connected video surveillance systems at home and at work.

To aid the public’s efforts to protect themselves during Crime Prevention Month, DIY security solutions provider Swann has released two new Wi-Fi Cameras with Alexa Integrations; the latest additions to the company’s SAFE by Swann platform. The company has also released a new Wire-Free Smart Video Doorbell.

Commencing in October, Swann is inviting consumers to show the world how they secure their own homes by entering the #SwannSecurityHeroes contest. As well, the company will be making it more affordable for the public to buy Swann security equipment, through price-cutting promotions in stores selling Swann and online at

"We are thrilled to bring awareness to Crime Prevention Month and thankful for the opportunity to educate the public on how to keep their homes, businesses, and surroundings safe," said Jeremy Stewart, Swann’s Vice President of Global Marketing.

Six Products to Give You Smarter Security

Here are six easy and affordable Swann products to help keep your home and loved ones secure

The latest in Wi-Fi security cameras

Installing a security camera as a visible deterrent should be part of almost everyone’s Crime Prevention strategy. Security cameras are likely to prevent opportunistic crimes before they happen. Swann’s latest Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras are easy to install and offer many features that can assist home and business security.

The company’s new Indoor Security Camera (Wi-Fi Series; SWWHD-INDCAM) provides 1080p HD video coverage, plus two-way audio for communicating with people seen on-screen. Designed to connect directly to the user’s Wi-Fi network – no hub or DVR required! – this indoor camera is compact in size and styled to fit within any home decor. Just plug it into a wall socket, do the setup, and you are ready to go.

With the Swann Indoor Security Camera, you can see, hear and record what’s happening inside your home and workplace and the camera’s True Detect™ technology can pick up heat signatures from humans and animals up to 32ft/10m away.

The video and sound captured by this camera is saved for 7 days on the camera’s built-in memory. It is also recorded to the cloud for two days on your free personal Swann account, with the ability to expand this cloud storage to 30 days and beyond.

The new Outdoor Security Camera (SWWHD-OUTCAM) provides the same capabilities as the Indoor Security Camera, except it has one-way audio and can be mounted outside, at entrances and other vulnerable access points. This weatherproof camera can operate in temperatures ranging from -4 to +113 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees to +45 degrees Celsius).

The two new cameras can be combined with Swann’s Wire-Free Smart Security Cameras as they use the same SAFE by Swann app (available for Android and Apple devices), to provide complete video/audio surveillance inside and out. This means you’ll be able to see what’s happening throughout your entire location, day or night at any time and from anywhere.

Amazon Alexa Works with Swann Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Swann’s new Wi-Fi cameras work with Amazon Alexa and are available now.

A truly smart doorbell

Crime Prevention Month also sees the release of Swann’s Wire-Free Smart Video Doorbell (SWADS-WVDP720). It’s 100 percent wireless with a rechargeable battery with an option to connect to your existing doorbell wiring. The Smart Video Doorbell has two-way audio capability, so you can speak and hear from visitors at the door.

The Doorbell also features Swann’s True Detect™ heat-sensing technology, meaning people near the doorway will trigger an alert to your smartphone, with a recording being sent to your Swann cloud storage account. Best of all, you can see, hear and talk back on your smartphone to catch any ‘porch pirates’ in action. There is also an optional chime unit available so you can be alerted when there’s a visitor, even if your smartphone is not within arm’s reach.

Worth considering

One of the keys to Crime Prevention Month is educating the public on the benefits of having a security strategy at home. That strategy should include common sense measures in and around the home, many of which don’t require products and won’t cost a cent, including making your home looked lived in and getting to know your neighbors. It’s about thinking about where your property might be vulnerable and taking steps to make it safer for the long haul.

How Smart is Your Home Security?

Here are six common sense (and free) tips to help make your home safer.

Showcasing DIY security installations – and help people who deserve them

The international #SwannSecurityHeroes campaign encourages the public to submit videos showing how they have secured their homes and workplaces using Swann products. They are also asked to nominate deserving people in their communities who would benefit from receiving complimentary Swann video systems.

The most deserving winners will be chosen for each region at the end of the campaign. As well, Swann will offer consolation prizes that will be announced each week.

Watch for pricing deals!

To motivate consumers to install their own DIY security systems, Swann is mounting sales promotions in stores and online during Crime Prevention Month.

Reductions to Swann’s already-reasonable prices will make it easier than ever to afford a DIY security system at home and at work. Keep an eye on for details.

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