vNet Outlines Roadmap


NEWMARKET, N.H. — Colorado vNet plans a variety of new products in the coming weeks and months.

Here’s what the brand revealed so far:

Wireless lighting system:

An upgraded system shipping in November will use wireless ZigBee Pro technology, replacing the current ZigBee technology. The new system will upgrade support to 1,000 watts while offering the same design aesthetics as before


September shipments are planned of the 7-inch TSI-7/70 with built-in 2x35-watt amp. It will replace another 7-inch model and add a higher-performance amp, more choices of interchangeable bezels, and a more powerful microprocessor to support future upgrades.

Outboard local amp:

Citing dealer requests for a more powerful amp option to go with the Vibe multi-room-audio/ home-control system, the brand plans fourth-quarter shipments of its first outboard local amp.

Custom speakers:

The first vNetbranded speakers, shipping in the fourth quarter, will match the amplifiers in Vibe in-wall touchscreen/amps to maximize output and performance, said sales and marketing VP Petro Shimonishi. vNet won’t offer Russound- branded speakers because its dealers want exclusive limited-distribution products, she said.

iPad app:

A video viewable on You- Tube and downloadable at no cost from the iTunes store to iPads will be available in early August for dealers to demonstrate the interface of the Vibe system. In December, the company plans to offer consumers the opportunity to purchase an iPad app that controls a Vibe system’s audio functions. Control of Vibe-connected lighting, HVAC and security systems will be added to the app at a later date.


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