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Kanto PMX660 TV Mount Review

Smooth swivel action and strength make this TV mount perfect for larger TV installations

Verdict: The Kanto PMX660 is an excellent, affordable choice for larger TV installations, especially if you need to have smooth swivel and tilt action to watch at better angles.

    • Low profile & Extends out 22”
    • Smooth left/right movement
    • Supports TVs up to 125 lbs without sagging
    • Affordable pricing for pro level TV mount

  • Can takes some muscle to pull out and push in
  • DIY installation can take some time

The Kanto PMX660 TV Mount is an affordable, sturdy full-motion TV mount that can hold a TV 37” to  80”, weighing up to 125 lbs safely without sagging at full extension. The smallest of Kanto’s professional PMX mount line, the PMX660 features two articulating arms that can be horizontally offset to allow you to view your TV at the best angle, regardless of the installation location.

TWICE had the opportunity to install and test out the Kanto PMX660 to see how the PMX660 performed, and we’re happy to report that this TV mount does hold a heavy TV without sagging and is a great option for DIY or professional installations.


We’re not expert installers, so it took us a solid 2+ hours to install the mount and TV. Fortunately, we had the right tools - including a power drill and stud finder - which helped get things done quicker. Kanto’s printed instructions were clear for the most part, and we were particularly pleased with how the hardware was organized and laid out in a separate box, rather than vacuum sealed or in baggies like we’ve seen with other mounts. The organized hardware is a professional touch, and made it so much easier to see which bolts, spacers and washers were needed for our particular installation.

Once we found the studs in the wall, we were able to situate the bolts, and center the mount base thanks to PMX660’s flexible design that allows you to adjust the arm assembly up to 6” left or right. After the base unit is attached to the wall and the arm assembly is connected to it, you just need to choose the right depth screws to attach the brackets to your TV, tighten and then lift - with two people! - your TV onto the assembly.

We have to admit that we were worried that the mount would be able to support our 41.4 lb 2012 Toshiba 50” as we let go of the TV once attached, but to our relief and expectation, the Kanto PMX660 easily took the weight and still does without bowing or sagging at full or partial extension.

With TV in place, we took advantage of the four built-in cable management raceway features of the PMX660, tucking the cables snuggly in place and out of sight. Additionally, two aluminum security covers give a finished, clean appearance as they cover up the main bolts in style. Additionally, you can add a universal soundbar mount to the PMX660 for an enhanced sound experience while you watch.

Testing & Functionality

The Kanto PMX660’s low profile design allows your TV to sit 2.5” from the wall when fully retracted, and pulling out the TV is easy and smooth, especially if you pull from the middle, or, if you’ve got the wingspan, from the sides. Fully extended, the PMX660 holds your TV safely and securely 22” from the wall, great for over-the-fireplace installs or in rooms where bookshelves or cabinets block natural viewing angles.

To be clear, it isn’t terrible to move or angle your TV with the PMX660 at all, but in our experience, pushing the TV back into position against the wall isn’t as smooth. The arms slowly adjust left and right from the angle you had the TV at as you push, but ultimately, we think it’s a small price to pay for being able to angle your TV.

The Kanto PMX660 TV mount can swivel up to 90 degrees left or right, depending on screen size and install location.

Depending on your TV size and install location, you can swivel your TV up to 90 degrees left or right to get the best viewing angle regardless of where you’re sitting. We found the swiveling was smooth and easy to do with both hands, and often just with one, and we were able to move the TV out of any glare without much effort as we watched our current favorite Netflix show with the windows open.

The toolless tilt mechanism is a nice feature as well, but we caution users to hold the TV gently from the front with one hand while the other releases the toolless tilt handle. This helps the TV to not drop suddenly and put strain on the mount (or your heart). The maximum tilt angle of the PMX660 for your TV is 12° forward or 3° backward, just the right range for watching while sitting on the floor, lounging on a sofa or on the bed if you install the mount higher on your wall.


The Kanto PMX660 is an excellent choice for larger TV installations, especially if you need to have smooth swivel and tilt action to watch at better angles. Being able to handle heavier TVs and soundbars is extremely helpful if you have an older, thicker TV, or even a newer, wider one, and we highly recommend the PMX660 for your next large TV mount.

To see the full line of Kanto PMX TV Mounts, visit


  • TV Size 37″ – 80″
  • Max Weight 125 lb (57 kg)
  • Supports VESA 200×100 – 600×400
  • Extends 2.5″ – 22″ (6.3cm – 55.9cm)
  • Horizontal Offset 12” (30.4cm) of total offset

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