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TWICE Picks Award Winner: LG Signature Combo TWINWash System (LUWM101HWA)

The 24-inch LG Signature Combo TwinWash System is a revolutionary laundry innovation that serves as both a washer and dryer while also compatible with a secondary mini washer underneath called LG SideKick. This mini washer is specifically designed to wash small, custom-care laundry loads. Its compact size is perfect for special care items where it’s preferred to wash separate from normal loads (e.g., intimates, delicates, and active wear). The appliance’s Quick Circle touch screen controls the main drum and mini washer which are the first to be embedded on the door of the appliance. The door can be opened with the Push Open feature, which means opening the door even with full hands is simple. The main washer features LG’s TurboWash2.0 technology and saves up to 30 minutes per cycle.