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Tablo OTA-DVR Boxes Get More Recording Features

Nuvyyo rolls out firmware update to Tablo-branded devices for cord-cutters

Nuvyyo said it is rolling out a slate of “advanced recording” features for its line of Tablo-branded DVRs that integrate free, over-the-air TV broadcasts.

The enhancements, delivered in a staged firmware update, include a set of features that allow for more precise DVR scheduling tools and management options, including:

  • Adjust Start/Top Time: Allows users to start recordings up to 10 minutes early and end up to three hours after the scheduled time of a TV program.
  • Keep X Recordings: Lets users retain all episodes or only a select number of airings.
  • Recording Channel Selector: Users can tap this feature to select which channel to record from, if multiple channels happen to be airing a favorite program.

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Those new features can be applied to single airings or to a series for Tablo users with an active subscription. The optional TV guide data subscription for Tablo devices sell for $4.99 per month, $49.99 annually, or for $149.99 for a lifetime subscription.

The update (firmware version 2.2.18) is being rolled out to the following models: Tablo 2-Tuner, Tablo 4-Tuner and the recently introduced Tablo Dual, and can be accessed via the advanced recording settings via the Tablo Channel on Roku devices, and Tablo apps for Amazon Fire TV boxes, Apple TV devices, the Android TV-powered Nvidia Shield TV, web browsers and mobile devices.

Those features will also made available on additional Tablo-supported devices and Tablo platforms including the Tablo DVR Engine for the Nvidia Shield TV in the coming months, the company said.

Those Tablo boxes OTA signals and send them wirelessly to supported devices that are connected to the user’s home network.

“With these powerful advanced recording features, we believe Tablo now offers best mix of feature set, ease-of-use, and cross-device support of any antenna DVR solution,” Grant Hall, CEO of Nuvyyo, said in a statement.