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Sprint Rolling Out LG Stylo With Stylus

Overland Park, Kan. — Sprint is bringing the 5.7-inch LG G Stylo to market with prepaid Boost Mobile and Sprint Prepaid service, as well as with Sprint postpaid service.

The LG G Stylo phablet, which features a 5.7-inch HD IPS touchscreen, is available today at Boost Mobile’s online store and Boost Mobile-branded stores at $199. The Boost Mobile model will also be available at the end of the month at Best Buy and RadioShack stores.

On June 7, Sprint will offer the Stylo with Sprint Prepaid brand service at $199 through its stores and RadioShack. Availability through other retail outlets wasn’t announced.

And on June 12, the phone will be available with Sprint postpaid service through Sprint stores on an installment plan at $12 per month for 24 months for a total of $288. Availability through other stores wasn’t announced, nor was a price with two-year service contract.

The Stylo is the first stylus-equipped smartphone available with Boost Mobile and Sprint Prepaid service.

It also boasts the largest screen of any phone tied to Sprint Prepaid service. At Boost Mobile, the Stylo joins the 5.7-inch ZTE Boost Maxx, which lacks a stylus.

The launch doesn’t mark the first time that a specific phone has been available with all three Sprint services, a spokesman told TWICE. The Samsung Galaxy SIII, for example, is currently available on Boost Mobile, Sprint Prepaid and Sprint postpaid.

Sprint also noted that its Sprint Prepaid service, launched in 2014, was previously available only in Sprint stores and now has been rolled out to national retailers.

Key Stylo features include Android Lollipop 5.0 OS, 5.7-inch HD IPS touchscreen display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, a stylus pen for writing and drawing, 8-megapixel rear camera with laser autofocus, and a 5-megapixel front camera with Gesture Shot for taking selfies by gesturing with your hand. It also features Knock Code for a custom knock sequence to wake and unlock the phone. QuickMemo+ lets users write or draw on any screen.

It has a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and a removable 3,000 mAh battery delivering 24-hour talk time.

Boost Mobile’s plans are priced at $35, $45 and $55, all with unlimited talk and text and with 1GB, 5GB and 10GB of 3G/4G data, respectively. Consumers who sign up for automatic payment get a $30 plan with unlimited talk and text and 2GB of 3G/4G data. That price goes to $40 without automatic payment.

With Sprint Prepaid service, phone plans are priced at $35, $45 and $55 with unlimited talk and text and 1GB, 3GB and 6GB of 3G/4G data. All video streaming is limited to 3G.

With postpaid Sprint service, the phone will be available with the Sprint Family Share Pack or the Sprint $60 unlimited plan.