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Samsung Galaxy S10 = Test Time For Scosche

A new flagship means putting products through their paces

As is par for the course in a new flagship smartphone launch, Scosche put its line of smartphone accessories through a series of tests to ensure its products are compatible with the new Samsung Galaxy S10.

The process, which the company said it replicates each time a new Samsung, Apple or Google Pixel phone is released, involves purchasing the phones and conducting physical tests to verify that Scosche’s plates do not interfere with the wireless charging or camera locations.

The result? Scosche’s MagicMount Pro Charge magnetic wireless chargers are indeed compatible with the three new models of Galaxy phones with both MagicPlates and direct to phone patches, Darryl Miya, Scosche brand manager, told TWICE. 

Its power-delivery products, such as the Powervolt Car shown here, work when paired with the appropriate cable, he noted.

Each time the testing process is complete, Scosche notifies retailers via its website, advertisements, videos and press releases. It also updates its packaging to reflect the change. 

Also par for the course, accessory manufacturers unveiled a wide variety of protective cases for the S10