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Scosche Adds 2 Solutions To Add Sub To Factory Stereo

Oxnard, Calif. – Scosche released its latest solutions for adding subwoofers and amplification to a factory-installed car stereo system.

The $249 SPSW10 amplified subwoofer packs a 10-inch vented subwoofer driver, 250-watt RMS mono Class D amp, and speaker-level and preamp-level inputs into a slim, vented enclosure that can be mounted in small spaces, including under seats or behind the seats of a pickup.

Separately, the company launched the $39 LOC90 two-channel line-output converter, which taps into a factory radio’s speaker-level outputs to connect to the preamp-level inputs of an aftermarket subwoofer amp.

Both products are available.

In outlining the benefits of the amplified subwoofer, Scosche called it rare to find a sub with high output 10-inch subwoofer, optimized vent enclosure, and 250-watt Class D amp in a slim enclosure, which measures 15.2 inches by 21.6 by 7.78 inches. The enclosure’s size and wedge design enables it to fit in the storage area of hatchbacks and behind the seats of pickups.

The subwoofer’s speaker- and preamp-level inputs also allow connection to aftermarket head units. Other features include automatic turn-on circuit, adjustable crossover and phase control, and remote bass-level controller.

The LOC90 converts the radio’s speaker-level outputs to a line-level output that can be used by aftermarket amplifiers. To simplify installation, the LOC90 features a signal-sensing12-volt output that automatically turns on a connected amplifier when it senses audio signals. Signal-sensing turn-on eliminates the need to run a power wire to a switched-power wire in the vehicle or remove the head unit to connect the LOC90 to the head unit’s switched-power wire.

LOC 90 also comes with a mountable remote to adjust the subwoofer level from the dash.