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Russound Completes Colorado vNet Acquisition

Russound completed its acquisition of Colorado vNet and vowed to maintain the vNet brand and keep its distribution separate.

Colorado vNet, the manufacturer of IP-based multi-room-A/V and home-control systems, shut down late last month for lack of funding.

Although distribution will remain separate, Russound CEO Charlie Porritt said he is open to “other economies of scale that can be gained by sharing resources for the two brands.” Engineering resources, for example, might be shared to develop products for both brands, and although there are no immediate plans to merge the companies’ technical support and training programs, Russound is exploring the potential for such synergies in the near future. Porritt added, however, that “any integration of any of our customer service programs will only be explored and implemented if we see there are irreproachable benefits for our dealers.”

“One of the most exciting aspects of this acquisition is how it opens the door for true collaboration between the two companies,” said Porritt. “Between Russound’s audio expertise and Colorado vNet’s leadership in automation and integration technologies, we will be able to develop products that will simplify and ultimately redefine the market for whole-house entertainment and control solutions.”

The acquisition gives Russound, the supplier of multi-room-A/V systems, an entre into systems that integrate the control of multiple home systems, including lighting.

vNet’s products include Vibe IP-based multi-room-A/V systems, including Vibe A/V servers that archive Blu-ray and DVD movie discs and CDs. Vibe’s in-wall touchscreen amplifiers also control security systems, HVAC systems, lights, motorized shades and motorized screens. The company also offers its own brand of wired and wireless lighting-control systems.

Recently, Russound announced multiple initiatives to cope with the struggling housing market, including a streamlined management structure to speed up decision making, an expansion into new distribution niches, and more emphasis on video-distribution products.