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LG Teases Its First Super Bowl Ad, Starring Liam Neeson

LG Electronics teased its first Super Bowl TV commercial, which will star Liam Neeson as “The Man from the Future.”

The 50th Super Bowl 60-second spot, which promotes LG’s OLED TV technology, shows Neeson throwing a card that sticks to a glass window and turns into an OLED display.

The spot is produced by Ridley Scott, who is producing his first Super Bowl commercial since the highly lauded 1984 Macintosh commercial. He also directed The Martian movie. Ridley Scott’s son, director Jake Scott, directs the LG commercial. He has directed six Super Bowl commercials , including 2015’s Budweiser’s famous Lost Dog.

The ad will communicate the message that OLED TV “represents a whole new era in television technology,” the company said in announcing its Super Bowl plans.

Take a look at the teaser on YouTube: