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LG & Samsung Hold Court At IFA 2016

It wasn’t all TVs and mobile devices at this month’s IFA 2016 tech show in Berlin.

Samsung used the global platform to introduce two additions to its popular AddWash clothes washer line, first unveiled here last year: the AddWash Combo washer/dryer, and the AddWash Slim washer.

There will be two models of each; the AddWash combo models are the 9kg wash/6kg dry capacity WD6500K and the WD5500K available in 9/6, 8/5 and 7/5kg wash-dry capacities, both available in white or charcoal gray.

The two AddWash Slim versions are the WW6500K with a handle on the outside of the main door and 8kg capacity, and the WW5500K with a handle on the inside of the main door and either 8 or 7kg capacity editions.

All the new AddWash models will be available in Europe sometime during the fourth quarter and in the U.S. sometime thereafter. Pricing was not announced.

For its part, LG Electronics debuted smart variations of its new InstaView door-in-door fridge (now shipping in the U.S.), and its luxury LG Signature model, in connection with its SmartThinQ connected-home ecosystem, which has been imbued with Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant.

Running Windows 10 and powered by the Intel Atom- powered Intel Compute Stick, this InstaView’s 29- inch touchscreen is both a screen and a transparent window. As with the U.S. InstaView and the luxury Signature fridge before it, double-knocking on the screen or tapping the Windows’ InstaView tile icon turns it from touchscreen solid to milky opaque, allowing users to peek inside without opening the door.

Inside the InstaView is a 2-megapixel camera with a panoramic lens to capture interior images that can be viewed on a smartphone by the user while grocery shopping.

The enhanced InstaView model was just launched in South Korea, but there was no word on when it would be available elsewhere or for how much.

Meanwhile, the advanced Signature variant has evolved to suit customers’ different lifestyles by picking up environmental and usage patterns through advanced sensor technology. The new model includes sensors for doors, and registers humidity and external and internal temperature.

The temperature sensor can tell when warm or hot food has been placed inside the refrigerator and adjusts the fan accordingly for up to 30 percent faster cooling than conventional refrigerators, the company said. Like the new InstaView, the smart Signature also features a 2-megapixel panoramic internal camera to capture interior images from various angles that can be accessed via mobile.

— Additional reporting by John Laposky