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LG Reveals Some Details Of Flagship G4 Smartphone

Seoul, South Korea — The latest LG flagship smartphone, the G4, will be unveiled April 28 with a new user interface said to deliver a more personalized experience and make key features simpler to use, LG announced.

LG has introduced major user-interface enhancements with every new G-series flagship smartphone, the company added.

Key UX 4.0 enhancements include a wider range of options based on a user’s preferences and interests, with the camera now offering three user modes ― simple, basic and manual ― for a range of consumers from amateur photographers to experts, the company said. Manual mode features a suite of options that deliver full creative control over photographs.

An improved smart bulletin feature automatically aggregates key information from multiple apps and puts them on one page.

Another example of customization appears in the phone’s gallery, which creates event-specific albums based on the location and time photos were taken. Ringtone ID automatically composes a unique ringtone for every caller in a user’s favorites contact list.

The UI also eliminates configuration steps. The new quick shot, feature, for example, lets users take pictures more quickly by double-tapping the phone’s rear key even while the display is off. And the improved calendar lets users select and organize individual events posted on social media by dragging and dropping appointments.

The improved smart notice feature provides more personalized notifications for weather, travel and the like by analyzing a user’s daily routine and travel schedule and combining the information with the user’s lifestyle habits, the company said. A user who enjoys playing basketball could receive a notification that says, “The weather will be mostly sunny today. It’s the perfect weather to get out and play basketball,” the company noted.

User-interface details can be seen at

 “LG UX 4.0 offers simpler, faster and more intuitive ways to use the G4 with both new and improved features that intelligently accommodate each individual user,” said Juno Cho, president/CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications.

The current 3.0 version of the user interface introduced gesture shot and touch and shoot. Gesture shot lets users take a selfie with the front-facing camera by gesturing with their hand to start a countdown. Touch and shoot lets users capture a shot quickly by tapping anywhere on the display to focus and shoot in one step. The 2.0 version introduced Knock Code, which lets users knock on the display with a personalized knock pattern to unlock a phone.