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Kano Casting Spells With New Harry Potter Coding Kit

Wireless wand interacts with tablets

Kano, a manufacturer of DIY computer and coding sets, has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products for a Harry Potter magic wand STEM kit.

The Harry Potter Coding Kit walks kids through the assembly of a wireless wand, which can then be used as part of 70-plus coding challenges teaching about sensors and data using a block-based interface and JavaScript inspector. 

The wand features a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer, and an accompanying app captures its movements to turn them into rich effects. So, for example, a user can point the wand at the screen to change the color of his or her owl, create fire and make the flames dance, or make Bertie Bott’s beans grow.

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While Kano’s other kits are geared toward use with computers or a TV, the Harry Potter kit is its first to be created with tablets at the forefront. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android tablets (as well as Windows or Mac computers). Consumers who own the Kano Computer Kit can access 10 additional challenges that are unique to that kit.

It will ship Oct. 1 for a $99.99 suggested retail.

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