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Resonado, Soundlab Technology Co., Ltd Partner To Produce Flat Core Speaker Audio Products

FCS-enabled products produced through Soundlab are expected to launch mid to late 2021 in the automotive and home audio markets

Concept art of an FCS-enabled sound tower and an FCS-enabled vehicle by Resonado (image credit: Resonado).

Audio industry newcomer, Resonado, recently signed a licensing agreement with Soundlab Technology Co., Ltd, marking the beginning of a partnership to produce audio products built with Resonado’s proprietary Flat Core Speaker™ (FCS) technology, namely in the automotive and home audio industries.

“The global automotive industry is by and large the behemoth most audio technology companies seek to penetrate,” said Brian Youngil Cho, Resonado Co-Founder and CEO in a statement. “A move that would have otherwise taken us years to achieve, we will be able to do in a fraction of that time thanks to our partnership with Soundlab. We’re excited that we’ll be pursuing the home audio market together as well, which has been growing at a remarkable pace. By marrying Resonado’s cutting-edge technology with Soundlab’s substantial manufacturing capacity, we’re confident in making a significant impact on innovation in the audio industry.”

Flat Core Speaker technology is a groundbreaking invention engineered and owned by Resonado that introduces the architecture for a novel electrodynamic loudspeaker type designed with a bar magnet and planar voice coil assembly mounted perpendicularly to a flat high aspect ratio diaphragm, as opposed to the conventional cylindrical voice coil and magnet assembly coupled with a conical diaphragm.

Soundlab automated speaker production line. (image credit: Soundlab)

The architecture of such a speaker transducer enables the creation of shallow, high aspect ratio transducers with even force distribution along the entire diaphragm. The result is a fully scalable speaker type perfectly tailored to fit the growing demand of innovative, space-efficient product designs without compromising sound performance.

Soundlab is a global audio electronics manufacturer with award-winning design engineers, a state-of-the-art research and development center, and a modern manufacturing facility based in Shenzhen.

“The automotive industry is undergoing a lot of changes in the global transition to electric vehicles,” said Jack Peng, Soundlab CEO. “With these changes comes the desire to rethink the internal design of vehicles to meet new demands. FCS technology frees designers from being limited to traditional speaker placement and allows for more flexible positioning, resulting in the ability to provide a more immersive audio experience. In addition to the automotive market, it’s also a perfect fit for home audio products, as it allows us to explore creative designs without compromising sound quality. We are excited to be able to provide a refreshing component upgrade that can open a new world of possibilities for these industries.”

FCS-enabled products through Soundlab are expected to launch mid to late 2021 in the automotive and home audio markets, with products across the entire spectrum of the audio industry expected to follow soon after.

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