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AT&T Ups Bounty For DirecTV Users Who Add AT&T Cellular

Dallas – AT&T is leveraging its recent ownership of DirecTV once again with a limited-time promo that offers up to $500 to DirecTV and U-verse TV customers who switch to AT&T cell service.

The offer is available in both AT&T-branded stores and indirect retailers.

Last week, AT&T announced it would become the first U.S. cellular carrier to offer nationwide bundles of TV and cellphone service following its July 24 acquisition of satellite-TV provider DirecTV. The bundled All In One service plans became available today.

For each cellular line that they port in when buying a postpaid smartphone on an installment-purchase plan, DirectTV and U-Verse subscribers get a $300 bill credit plus a $200 credit or promotion card for trading in an eligible smartphone. The promotion lasts for an unspecified period. Under the new promotion, a family of four could get a total of $2,000 in credits. AT&T consumer and business customers are eligible for offer.

The combined credits are greater than a $300 limited-time credit recently unveiled for any consumer who ports in a cellular line from another carrier. The $300 credit, also available today, consists of a $100 bill credit and a $200 trade-in credit that could take the form of a promotion card.

As previously announced, customers who combine AT&T TV services with eligible postpaid AT&T wireless service on a single monthly bill are also eligible for a $10/month combined bill discount, which continues as long as the customer keeps both services on a combined bill.

AT&T’s All in One plans are available to consumers who sign up for DirecTV or U-verse service for the first time. The promotionally priced DirecTV and AT&T U-verse plans cost $50, $70, $75 and $125/month.

The All In One plans are available through AT&T-owned stores and AT&T-branded dealers. AT&T is now selling DirecTV service in more than 2,000 AT&T retail stores nationwide.