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Samsung Raises Bar On Customization For Bespoke Appliances

A range of Samsung's Bespoke fridgesSamsung’s new Bespoke refrigerators reach a new level of customization for home appliances by being designed by you, for you. The new MyBespoke refrigerator panels allow you to create a one-of-a-kind design with your own photos or original artwork to enable an unprecedented amount of personalization for your living space.

The MyBespoke custom design panels allow for your own photos or designs to be custom printed by Samsung on the French Doors of Bespoke refrigerators. To compliment your design further, you can customize the lower doors or drawers of the fridge with a your choice of a variety of bright, bold, and neutral Bespoke colors in flossy or metallic finishes.

“MyBespoke brings a new level of customization to our Bespoke appliance line, inspiring a completely new way to express your creativity,” said Shane Higby, Head of Home Appliance Business, Samsung Electronics America. “Whether it’s a favorite personal photo or a bold print you designed, the possibilities are endless because it’s your one-of-a-kind Bespoke fridge.”

You can design your one-of-a-kind MyBespoke fridge panels with one or both French Doors ($250 per panel) and Samsung will deliver them directly to your home. Create your own design when you purchase a Bespoke refrigerator from, or simply change out your existing Bespoke French Door fridge panels with your custom designed panels.

The new offering builds on the success of Samsung’s expanding Bespoke kitchen appliance and home product lines that can be personalized to create a space that fits your style.

To help inspire creativity, Samsung partnered with three creators to showcase their own MyBespoke designs. Each design reflects their own unique style and aesthetic that transforms their kitchen space.

Dr. Woo

Based in Los Angeles, Dr. Woo is known for his intricate single needle style. He has helped take tattoos from a singular subculture to the heart of pop culture, focusing on blending his work with outside influences and interests in art, music, and fashion.

“I’m drawn to tattoos because the art is about expression, and it’s so deeply personal. I loved this project for the same reason. It’s about stamping something, this time your kitchen, with your own story. And everyone has a unique story to tell.”

Bespoke frdige featuring Dr. Woo's art


Katie Rodgers

Katie Rodgers is a NYC and Santa Fe based visual artist who captures locale-based atmosphere and emotions in abstract form. Her work spans mediums – pastel prints, video, poster prints, phone cases, and more.

“When I left New York and moved to New Mexico, I was inspired by a large Datura plant growing outside my window. The opening of its fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers expressed the simplicity of my new world: the stripping away of my city life and a pared down creative process amid the desert landscape.”

Floral pattern on french door refrigerator

Olive Mannella

Olive Mannella is a popular family content creator known for capturing videos of her dad turning into a dinosaur at any moment every time she says the word “Dadosaur” as well as capturing everyone’s entertaining reactions.

“My family is my home and they mean the world to me. For Father’s Day I wanted to remind my dad of all the memories and laughs we’ve had together as a family.”

Collage of family member photos on fridge