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FOTILE Announces Partnership With P.C. Richard & Son

The health-focused household appliance leader says its new partnership will help them better serve the Tri-State area

Fotile range of hoods in store
(image credit: FOTILE)

FOTILE announced today that they have entered a partnership with appliance retailer P.C. Richard & Son. This partnership will allow FOTILE to bring its lineup of cutting-edge, health-focused kitchen solutions to consumers in the Tri-State region.

Distinguished in the kitchen ventilation category, the brand will offer all three series of its high-performing and technological range hoods, including Pixie Air, Slant Vent, and Perimeter Vent, at the family-owned retailer. Featuring impressive functionalities, such as Auto-Turbo Mode, Intelligent Air Management, and Capture Shield Technology, FOTILE’s powerful range hoods are intended to elevate every moment of the cooking experience. With Americans spending more time cooking at home than ever before, range hoods are essential for safe, family-friendly kitchens free of harmful smoke, grease, and fumes from the air.

“We are exceptionally proud to have P.C. Richard & Son introduce FOTILE to market and support our mission to bring ‘A BREATH OF FRESH ENGINEERING’ to consumer’s kitchens,” said Stein Shi, Operations Director of FOTILE America. “As a company with deep values rooted in delivering functional and family-oriented appliances to households worldwide, we feel strongly connected to P.C. Richard & Son’s 112-year commitment to providing shoppers with honesty, integrity, and reliability and are honored to partner with such a professional organization.”

Find FOTILE on display at P.C. Richard & Son in College Point, NY (13603 20th Ave, Queens, NY 11356), with expanded in-store presence to come. The company’s range hoods, and additional innovative kitchen appliances, are now available on

Engineered to an elevated standard, FOTILE is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services for people pursuing a high-quality of life. The company is established in over 30+ countries and choice of appliance for 17M+ families worldwide. To learn more about FOTILE, please visit

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