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Tamara Day, RTA Outdoor Living Team Up To Launch New Limited-Edition, Signature Outdoor Kitchen Collection

Magnolia Network personality upgrades summer outdoor cooking with unique line of kitchen designs

Tamara Day, Designer and host of Magnolia Network’s Bargain Mansions, stands by the Cottage X by Tamara Day outdoor kitchen. (image credit: RTA Outdoor Living)

Designer and host of Magnolia Network’s Bargain Mansions,Tamara Day had an outdoor kitchen from industry leader RTA Outdoor Living installed at her house last year. She was amazed at how simple the entire process was from design to installation and, once it was finished, her whole family fell in love with the outdoor kitchen. For her, it was a natural fit to team up with RTA to design her own signature line of outdoor kitchens, so today she is announcing “Cottage X by Tamara Day,” part of the “RTA Designer Collection.”

“I am so proud of the new line of outdoor kitchens created with RTA Outdoor Living and I know that it will make outdoor cooking even more attractive for home chefs from coast to coast,” said Tamara Day in a statement. “The design is timeless – both classic and modern. The clean lines of the X detail make a statement unlike any other product in the outdoor kitchen market. It is one of a kind and it’s time to start cooking!”

Cottage X by Tamara Day (image credit: RTA Outdoor Living)

The new, limited edition line, available today at, offers unique designs, features and patterns, previously not available on the market. Beginning June 2, 2022, only 50 units will be available for purchase, on a first-come, first-served basis, with free shipping included. The collection features designed signature side and back panels with a timeless X pattern. Tamara’s inspiration came from her own backyard deck design, after she realized there was nothing out there like it.

The outdoor kitchen comes in two sizes — a straight seven-foot grill island with several layout options, or an L-shaped seven-foot grill island with a seven-foot bar island, also with several layout options. Customers can choose a “Charcoal” black or “Bright” white finish, a standard C-series or upgraded S-Series Coyote Grill and can opt for either propane or natural gas. Both options include stainless steel Coyote appliances.

Cottage X by Tamara Day (image credit: RTA Outdoor Living)

The base is a high-performance concrete composite and the countertop is an “Alpha White” polish granite, engineered for all climates—even freeze-thaw environments. The grill and appliances are all 304 stainless steel, made for outdoor use. If a homeowner moves, they can even take the outdoor kitchen with them. Owners can disassemble the outdoor kitchen and transport the panels, countertop and appliances to a new location.

As with all RTA Outdoor Living outdoor kitchens, set-up is easy and fast. Depending on the layout, uncrating and assembly takes between two and four hours, on average. In addition, Cottage X by Tamara Day features a limited lifetime warranty, returns and a convenient payment plan.

About RTA Outdoor Living
RTA (ready-to-assemble) Outdoor Living was born from a desire to empower homeowners to create ideal outdoor spaces that encourage gathering and human connection. Our outdoor living features, manufactured in the heartland of America—Cambridge City, Indiana—achieve this purpose. At its core, RTA’s product line is a simplified alternative to outdoor masonry. Through this approach, we avoid the high costs associated with building outdoor kitchens from scratch. Our easy-to-install options make the luxury of an outdoor grill island attainable to everyone. More information is at

About Tamara Day
Designer and host of Magnolia Network’s Bargain Mansions, Tamara Day is a purveyor of the glam and cozy. This busy wife and mother of four styles for the spirited home, mixing glam, comfort, and family. Tamara and her crew transform big, old houses that she finds at bargain prices. While respecting the integrity and history of the homes, she integrates modern design, function and style to a space – helping create beautiful spaces for today’s busy families. More info is at

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