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Alpine Shifts To System Sales

Alpine is launching a new retail merchandising program designed to sell complete car stereo systems rather than individual components.

Alpine’s research found that consumers dislike the current 12-volt store environment.

“Customers hate the current retail experience for aftermarket, so we set out to reinvent how we merchandise,” said marketing VP Steve Witt.

The company indentified five reasons why a consumer enters a 12-volt store and designed systems around them. These include:

1. “I want a good system but I can’t replace my radio”

2. “I want a sound system in my boat”

3. “I want the best iPod experience in my car”

4. “I want a system that sounds good loud”

5. “I want navigation in the car.”

Alpine also created merchandising displays for its systems. The displays may be purchased for $700 and higher by retailers.

“The way we’ve marketed aftermarket products historically will no longer work,” claimed Witt, who said the system approach is less confusing to customers.

One system consists of a CDE-102 CD receiver, MRP-M500 mono amplifier, KTP-445 head unit power pack, SPS-600C 6.5-inch component two-way speakers, SPS-500 5.25-inch coaxial two-way speakers, and a SWS-1043D 10-inch subwoofer at $800 total.