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15 HP Monitors Receive Technicolor Certification

Paris — Technicolor said Thursday that HP has joined the Technicolor Color Certification program, and the first color-certified HP Envy and HP Pavilion monitors will be available in the third quarter.

Technicolor’s Color Certification program, which was introduced in June 2013 by Technicolor and Portrait Displays, delivers a process for controlling the colors on the screen of qualifying laptops, monitors, all-in-ones, smartphones and tablets.

Certified monitors ensure consumers that the colors on the screen are pure and accurate, Technicolor said.

“Accurate color representation is more important than ever given the wide variety of content — including video content from streaming-media services, Blu-ray discs and photos featuring diverse color settings,” Technicolor said in a statement. “Consumers are viewing a significant percentage of their content on laptops, monitors, all-in-ones, smartphones and tablets, which do not deliver the true rich colors of the original content.  Additionally, e-commerce also suffers from color inconsistencies as the color of the item purchased often is not the same as depicted on the screen.”

Technicolor Color Certified products are put through a gauntlet of tests conducted by application software provider Portrait Displays.  The tests include measuring critical color parameters such as gamut, gamma, white point and target color accuracy.

Devices that pass the tests are awarded Technicolor Color Certification status and special Technicolor certification logos. 

“With industry leader HP as the first company to have its PC monitors Technicolor Color Certified, this validates the Technicolor Color Certification program,” said Manuele Wahl, Technicolor technology licensing senior VP. “Technicolor spends hundreds of hours each year to ensure color perfection on movies, and we wanted to find a solution that guarantee consumers are seeing the content as the director intended. The Color Certification program is the vehicle to achieving this goal and will be a differentiator for device manufacturers looking to sell more featured products,” she added.

Qualifying the HP Envy models include two SKUs with 23- and 24-inch screen sizes, while the HP Pavilion monitors offer 13 models with 20-, 21.5-, 23-, 25- and 27-inch screen sizes.

All are billed as micro-thin widescreen backlit monitors with in-plane switching (IPS), affording wide viewing angles with rich color consistency.

The monitors also include HP Enhanced+, which sharpens images and reduces noise. The HP My Display software control also found in the models manages all display settings and provides productivity features that partition multiple open applications windows simultaneously.