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Apple Event: A Recap & 10 Things To Know

What to know and where to find it.

Apple’s fall announcements included three new iPhones and the Apple Watch 4, and our Future sister brands were on the scene in Cupertino to get hands-on with the new devices.

We’ve gathered some of their first-hand coverage below, and look for early hands-on reviews of all of the devices in the Sept. 24 issue of TWICE.

1. The iPhone XS is very similar to the X, TechRadar says, with a few key upgrades, namely more storage, a better display and a new chipset.

2. The iPhone XS Max, meanwhile, is the largest iPhone Apple has introduced yet, with a 6.5-inch display and a battery life that promises an extra 90 minutes over the X.

3. The third iPhone, the XR, has a 6.1-inch LED display instead of an OLED like the other two.

4. All three have new camera functionality.

5. What are all of the differences between the XS and XS Max? Tom’s Guide maps it out for you.

6. As for the Apple Watch 4, it has a new design and is now an FDA-approved ECG.

7. What’s the difference between the Apple Watch 4 and the 3? TechRadar explains.

8. Apple TV will receive a Dolby Atmos update next week.

9. There are some new Beats colors.

10. Finally, even if you watched along this afternoon, you might have missed a few things.

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