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Yamaha Adds iPod Speaker System

Buena Park, Calif. – Yamaha added a new model to its selection of
iPod-docking systems.

The company, which entered the docking-speaker market in 2009,
offers a variety of single-chassis and three-piece systems, some with FM tuner
and some with FM tuner and CD player.

The new model is the single-chassis $169-suggested PDX-31 with
dock on top. It lacks tuner or CD player but is certified for use with iPhones
and iPods. It also features a stereo mini jack input for connection to
other-brand MP3 players and to other audio devices.

 The PDX-31replaces the
$199.99 PDX-30 which is similar, but lacked the mini jack input.

Other features include auto power off after a certain amount of
time to conserve energy. The PDX-31 also remembers its volume level when an
iPod or iPhone is undocked.

Like its predecessor, it features two 3.25-inch full-range