Vizio Tablet PC To Ship July 18


Irvine, Calif. - Vizio today announced pre-orders for its tablet PC are being taken at, and the vendor's online store.

The tablet features an 8-inch display and is running Android 2.3. Costco and Walmart already have it priced at $329 and $348, respectively, at their online stores.

Vizio is offering a package deal on its website that adds a 16GB MicroSD card and a cover for $399. There is 2GB of free onboard storage.

The devices are expected to ship by July 18.

While the tablet has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity built in for web access, Vizio is also positioning the device as an advanced remote control. It has an IR blaster, and when used with a universal remote control app, the company said it can control most home-theater devices. There is also a built-in HDMI port.


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