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VESA Readies Micro-DisplayPort

Newark, Calif. — The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) said Wednesday that is in the process of defining a micro-DisplayPort connector standard to accommodate connections between ultra-thin devices and up to and beyond today’s Ultra High-Definition-level video displays.

Designed to be physically smaller than VESA’s existing DisplayPort and mini-DisplayPort connectors, the new micro-DisplayPort connector will target smartphones, tablets, ultra-thin notebooks and other mobile systems that require an extremely compact connector to drive external video displays, the association said.

“Market demand for slim, mobile systems is growing rapidly,” stated Jim Hunkins, AMD system architect, display technology and VESA’s DisplayPort connectivity subgroup leader. “Imagine sharing videos, photos, presentations and other visual content directly from your tablet or smartphone on a 4K-UHD display. An elegant, micro-sized video connector is essential to enable next-generation mobile systems to interact with the ever expanding array of external display options.”

VESA said the new micro-DisplayPort connector will be significantly smaller than the mini-DisplayPort connector, which already measures 5.4mm by 8.3mm.

The standard is designed to support data rates for future display bandwidths beyond Ultra HD resolutions, and will define the mechanical and electrical specifications for the receptacle, plug, cable and docking connector.

VESA solutions to be evaluated will require backward compatibility with existing DisplayPort devices, as well as the ability to support anticipated future DisplayPort capabilities.

One objective being discussed for the new micro-DisplayPort connector is to support use of a passive cable with lengths up to nearly 5 feet, without the use of repeaters or other active components.

VESA said it expects to finalize the micro-DisplayPort standard by the second quarter of 2014.

“As with other VESA standards, our goal for the micro-DisplayPort connector is to create a robust, extensible standard that can be widely adopted by the industry to develop attractive, cost-effective, and flawlessly interoperable products,” said Craig Wiley, Parade Technologies marketing senior director and VESA board chairman. “We welcome technical input and proposals from both member and non-member companies worldwide as we continue the process of analyzing and defining this new connector standard.”