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Tiffen Shows GoPro Steadicam, Power LED

New York — The Tiffen Company is demonstrating at CE Week Line Shows this week a new one-handed Steadicam Curve to smooth out handheld video shots taken by the diminutive GoPro Hero action video cameras.

It also debuted a powerful handheld LED movie lamp.

Tiffen said the Curve, which will be available this summer at a $100 suggested retail, is a stealth camera-stabilizing system engineered for easy one-hand video shooting.

The company is also showing its Lowel-branded handheld GL 1 Power LED video lamp ($699 suggested retail) with Fresnel lens, billed as “Hollywood lighting in the palm of your hand.” The lamp features a powerful rechargeable battery pack offering up to 80 minutes of continuous shooting time on a charge.

The GL 1 has a smooth adjustable brightness output accommodate moving shots, and can put out enough power to light a scene from across a large room. The GL 1 has a 3000K Tungsten color light output that can be adjusted and will also accept filters for color tinting and other creative effects.

It has adjustable light output of 398 foot candelas at 5 feet (full spot), to 73 foot candelas at 5 feet (full flood).

The Curve for the GoPro Hero cameras, meanwhile, weighs 0.5 pound and will fit into a back pocket.

Its handle folds up and locks to the frame to provide compact storage and portability. It can also be used as a GoPro camera handgrip.

“The Tiffen Company unveiled Steadicam Curve for GoPro products at the NAB event just a few weeks ago, and the response was overwhelming,” said Steve Tiffen, Tiffen Company president and CEO. “Steadicam has spent decades perfecting the technology of camera stabilization. The same award-winning technology used in Hollywood is at the very heart of the Curve system.”

Garrett Brown, the inventor of Steadicam technology and 2013 recipient of the National Inventors Hall of Fame award, called Curve for GoPro “the coolest Steadicam ever.”

Steadicam Curve features a lightweight, durable aluminum frame construction, standard GoPro quick-release mount, fine-tune balance adjustment knob and a collapsible handle.

The built-in mount works with GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero2 and GoPro Hero3 (LCD BacPac or LCD Touch BacPac required).

The Curve is available in five colors: black, blue, red, silver and purple.

Tiffen also said its Photo Fx Ultra iPad app was one of 11 finalists for the Mobile Apps Showdown hosted by Living in Digital Times during CE Week.