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Sling Media Launches Digital Ad Campaign

Foster City, Calif. — Sling Media kicked off a digital ad campaign Tuesday that focuses on in-home use and non-sports TV viewing.

In a recent infographic, Sling said in-home viewing via devices like tablets, smartphones and PCs/Macs accounted for nearly 25 percent of viewing hours for its customers.

In addition, the company said it found live TV accounted for 80 percent of viewing vs. DVR-based content accounting for 20 percent of viewing.

Sling said its customers watch both in and around the home as well as away from home. In an era of Twitter and other social-media networks acting as a virtual water cooler, watching TV shows live, when everyone else is watching, is more important than ever before, the firm added.

The two together provides the ideal use case for Slingbox inside the home, the company believes.

According to a Sling statement: “Live sports has also been a huge part of the Slingbox allure, especially considering how regionalized sports viewing can be here in the U.S., with local sports networks making local teams available only in-market unless you sign up for out of market services. However, we think that while the big screen often gets dominated by the big game, other members of the family also want access to their shows for viewing at home, but not necessarily on the big screen TV, whether that’s by choice or not.”

The campaign places the video along with targeted banners across multiple web networks and individual sites as well as through social media, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.