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SiriusXM Expands Used-Car Effort

New York – SiriusXM expanded its
efforts again to get used-car buyers to activate their factory satellite
radios, this time through a program with AutoNation, the country’s largest car

Under the program, consumers will
be eligible for a free three-month SiriusXM subscription when they buy a pre-owned
vehicle with a factory-installed satellite radio, regardless of the vehicle’s
make or model, from any of AutoNation’s 257 dealerships in 15 states.
AutoNation sells 32 vehicle brands.

In October 2011, the satellite
broadcaster announced that participating Nissan and Infiniti dealers would be
able to offer a free three-month trial subscription to consumers who buy any
used vehicle from the dealers’ lots, not just Nissans or Infiniti.  Sirius XM launched a similar program in June
2011 with participating GM dealers.

The satellite-radio broadcaster
also offers trial subscriptions to consumers who buy certified pre-owned
vehicles from such automakers as BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen.