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Seagate Adds 4TB Portable Drive

LAS VEGAS – Seagate will show a revamped portable storage line this week, including a 4TB model geared toward the prosumer.

The Back Up Plus Fast is a USB 3.0 bus-powered 4TB portable storage drive. The unit has Raid O data storage and is targeted at the mobile professional photographer or videographer who needs desktop-level storage capacity while on the go, said Leo Paskin, Seagate’s product marketing manager.

It will become available shortly via Seagate’s online store for $299, but will eventually work its way into a few select retailers, he said.

The company’s primary consumer introduction centers on a three-SKU revamped Back Up Plus Slim line.

The line adds a 2TB model that joins the current 500GB and 1TB. Pricing is $99 for the 500GB, $119 for the 1TB, and $179 for the 2TB model. All are now shipping.

The other physical change has Seagate replacing the plastic casing with metal, and reducing the unit’s height down to 12.1mm.

In addition to the external changes, Seagate upgraded the user interface making it simpler to operate and more customizable for those users with a bit more tech ability. It retains the same ability to connect with and directly back up social media sites like Facebook and Flickr, and can now do the same for smartphones.

Paskin said the drive can only backup an iPhones photo gallery, but with Android phones it can duplicate the photos, music and contact information. This backup can be done directly when the drive and phone are connected by the same home Wi-Fi network or remotely through a Dropbox account.