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New Car DVD-Video Suppliers, Products Rolling Out In Droves

As DVD-Video sales for the vehicle market rapidly escalate, more suppliers continue to enter the category, while existing players show innovations.

DVD car leader Panasonic is showing a prototype of a model that features a half-DIN 7-inch screen combined with a half-DIN AM/FM/DVD player with built-in amplifier and CD changer controller. Panasonic said the unit, which must be used with a separate processor for 5.1 audio, is expected to ship in 2001 at a target price between $2,000 and $2,500.

Panasonic also showed the first DVD-Video/DVD-Audio unit here at CES.

Eclipse also entered the DVD market at CES showing an in-dash single-DIN AM/FM model 55090 slated for fall. The 8-volt unit supports 5.1 audio surround and is designed to work with the company’s 39011 Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic/DTS decoder.

Both units can be controlled by voice when used with Eclipse’s navigation Commander system. Suggested retail price for the DVD unit is expected to be $1,300 plus a target price of $800 for the sound processor.

Audiovox is showing its first DVD model in the form of an in-dash unit. It is also working on a 10-disc DVD/CD changer and expects to offer two portable models for transporting between the home and car.

Delphi Delco is also displaying OEM DVD systems, and Jensen said it expects to offer DVD next year. Other suppliers showing new DVD products at CES include Alpine, Clarion and Pioneer.