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LG.Philips Clarifies Lawsuit Specifics

Los Angeles — LG.Philips LCD (LPL) began opening statements yesterday for the patent infringement trial in the Central District of California against Chunghwa Picture Tubes and Tatung.

In a statement LG.Philips said that earlier this week, news agencies erroneously reported that a U.S. judge had dismissed a lawsuit it filed against Chunghwa and Tatung involving patent infringement. However, while certain other claims were dismissed, the trial in which LPL is seeking $80 million for damages is underway and expected to last until early November.

LG.Philips is asserting that Chunghwa and Tatung willfully infringed its semiconductor patents. LPL’s patents at issue relate to the process for manufacturing liquid crystal displays (LCDs). LPL is seeking in excess of $80 million in damages as well as an order enjoining Chunghwa and Tatung products from entering the United States.

According to LG.Philips’ law firm, “Chunghwa and Tatung have been found to have willfully infringed another LCD patent of LPL,” said Gaspare J. Bono, partner with McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP. “In July, a jury returned a $52.4 million verdict in favor of LPL for that infringement. Based upon the jury’s finding of willful infringement, we have asked the Court for enhanced damages as well as a permanent injunction.”