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LG To Use Hitachi HDDs In DVR

San Jose, Calif. — Hitachi Global Storage Technologies said that LG Electronics will use Hitachi Deskstar hard drives in its new RH7800 series of DVD-HDD recorders.

The RH7800 series use 160 GB hard drives for storing up to 220 hours of digital video content, the company said.

According to a company statement, LG selected the Hitachi drives because they offer “substantial capacities, an ability to handle multiple video streams simultaneously, quiet acoustics, low power requirements and overall reliability.”

LG’s new DVD-HDD recorders, which measure a slim 49 millimeters, allow customers to maximize their entertainment experience by easily recording and playing back television broadcasts and other digital video content. LG relied on Hitachi’s “Smooth Stream” technology to enhance the video streaming functionality in its new DVD-HDD Recorders.

The hard drives are based on the ATA-7 AV streaming feature set standard, enabling the drive to capture multiple video streams simultaneously.

“Hitachi was the first hard-drive vendor to integrate ATA-7 technology capability into its product line,” Hitachi said.

“DVD-HDD recorder users want as much storage capacity as possible so they can capture and archive large amounts of digital content,” S.H. Jeon, LG Electronics research and development senior manager said in statement. “Customers also want their DVD-HDD recorders to be bedroom quiet and energy efficient. We used Hitachi’s power management feature to optimize the drives for our application, thus minimizing acoustics and reducing power consumption.”

LG’s DVD-HDD recorders will be available in the first quarter of 2006.