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LG Unveils ‘Wirewize’ Online Setup Tool

Englewood Cliffs, N.J. — LG Electronics launched Friday a new Web tool (at that is designed to help consumers in the installation and setup of their HDTVs and home-theater systems.

Called Wirewize, the service is designed to simplify the process of connecting multiple consumer electronics, including flat-panel HDTVs, DVD players and other home-theater components by providing a complete list of optimal cables and visual, step-by-step hookup instructions for each component, LG said.

“LG wants to ensure that our customers are able to easily install their electronics into the home,” stated Tim Alessi, product development director, LG Electronics. “Many consumers purchase a variety of different entertainment components from various manufacturers, only to face uncertainty and frustration when attempting to set them up at home. We’re committed to keeping our customers top of mind, so are now providing the resources that will assist in setting up and enjoying our products quickly and easily.”

The Wirewize tool is located on the “Connection Guide” link on the right-hand side of any product page in the “TV/Audio/Video” section of The site will provide a cross-brand customer-support service, working with all major home theater brands, while simplifying the process of connecting and configuring home-theater components made by multiple manufacturers.

When a consumer clicks the “Connections Guide” link through the LG Web site, they are automatically taken to the LG-sponsored Wirewize site to set up their electronics in three steps.

Users select their products from a list of categories (TV, DVD player, etc) by model number. The system provides instructions and images detailing which cables are needed to hook the components together for optimum performance.

When the consumer has located the correct cables, the system provides detailed, step-by-step setup instructions, as well as user electronic owner’s manuals for each individual product.