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LG Smartphone Offers 5.5-Inch 1080p Display

Seoul, South  Korea — The Optimus G Pro smartphone launched by LG is the company’s biggest-screen phone to date with 5.5-inch IPS display, the company’s first smartphone with full-HD 1080p display, and one of the industry’s first LTE smartphones with quad-core 1.7GHz CPU.

HTC’s OneX+, available in the U.S., already sports LTE and a Tegra quad-core 1.7GHz CPU. LG’s phone sports Qualcomm’s quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 processor.

Other phones besides the Optimus G Pro feature 1080p display, including HTC’s Droid DNA with 5-inch 400 ppi display for Verizon.

Other big-screen phones available in the U.S. include Samsung’s Galaxy Note II “phablet” with 5.5-inch 720p HD screen and stylus. At International CES, Huawei unveiled the Ascend Mate with 6.1-inch 720p display and quad-core 1.5GHz CPU.

The Optimus G Pro phone, available in Korea, will be displayed at next week’s Mobile World Congress.

The Android 4.1.2 phone, which doesn’t come with a stylus, features full-HD IPS display with 1,920 by 1,080 resolution at 400 ppi. It comes with large battery at 3,140 mAh, 13-megapixel rear camera with 1080p video capture, 2.1-megapixel front camera, and a new user interface with such features as dual recording, which lets users capture video with both the front and rear cameras simultaneously for a picture-in-picture experience. Virtual reality Panorama enables pictures with a 360-degree horizontal or vertical view.

 Upgraded UI features include upgraded QSlide, Live Zooming and QuickMemo. QSlide enables the display of two applications simultaneously on one screen, and Live Zooming lets users zoom in and out of videos playing back. QuickMemo lets users capture and share handwritten ideas with others using their fingertip

Other features include 2GB RAM, 32GB embedded memory, 32GB MicroSD card slot and a removable battery that is capable of wireless charging. The phone measures 5.91 inches by 3 inches by 0.37 inches.