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LG’s `LivePlus’ Taps Cognitive Networks’ Service

San Francisco – Cognitive Networks will supply its smart TV data delivery system to LG Electronics for the company’s LivePlus synchronous TV software.

 Cognitive said LG is the first to integrate its “Engage” real-time data service on its LivePlus Smart TV platform, enabling a more robust “Enhanced TV” experience for consumers. The system supports interactive programming content including Showtime Network’s previously announced ShoSync service.

The company defined Enhanced TV as applications that augment the TV viewing experience on smart TVs. 

“The implementation of Cognitive Networks’ technology on LG Smart TVs initiates a fundamental transformation of the way viewers consume TV, while delivering a platform for content producers and TV networks to increase viewer engagement and grow their audiences,” the company said.

Engage is a cloud-based data service that provides real-time event triggers to application providers.

Powered by proprietary automatic content recognition (ACR) technology, the triggers are accurate to the second and allow application providers to launch opt-in based applications on LG smart TVs used in the U.S., which are intelligently synchronized with live or time-shifted television, Cognitive Networks said.

Consumers that choose to launch the applications will enhance their TV viewing experience with a variety of fun and interactive capabilities, the company said.

“The integration of Engage into the LG Smart TV platform opens the door to greater opportunities for many stakeholders and fuels the growth of a more vital Smart TV ecosystem,” said Michael Collette, Cognitive Networks CEO. “Engage aligns with LG’s ‘Life’s Good’ mission and complements LG’s leadership in bringing innovative Smart TV applications to consumers. We are looking forward to revolutionizing the Smart TV industry with this collaboration.”

Consumers will have complete control of the apps they launch and access, ranging from ordering a pizza, responding live to opinion polls, interacting with reality shows in real time, and engaging with a variety of new social TV options based on today’s popular social media platforms. LG’s implementation also makes use of its unique LG Magic Remote, with a variety input options including spoken commands, gesture controls and key-based data entry.

Cognitive Networks said that new Enhanced TV capabilities will enable content producers and TV networks to engage audiences for increased brand recognition and viewership. Advertisers will be able to pinpoint what viewers’ interests are and provide more targeted advertisements based on their preferences.