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LG Makes Flat-Screen Statement In HDTV

LG Electronics is using CES to make a flat-screen statement by introducing lines of plasma and LCD TVs, highlighted by a 60W-inch high-definition plasma TV with built-in DVR, a 55W-inch 1080p LCD TV, and a 23W-inch LCD TV with built-in DVD player.

The company is also unveiling a pair of its first LCoS-based rear-projection HDTV sets, three new fully integrated DLP rear-projection sets and a line of slim cabinet CRT HDTVs, designed to offer an affordable option to flat-panel displays.

Highlighting LG’s plasma offerings is the TU-60PY2D, which is a 60W-inch fully integrated high definition plasma TV. The unit, which is due to ship in May at an $11,999 suggested retail, features an acrylic bezel and “piano black” finish.

The 60W-inch set incorporates a digital video recorder (DVR) with the ability to record high-definition programming on its 160GB hard drive. An electronic program guide (EPG) is included. The panel also features LG’s proprietary XD Engine technology that up-converts standard-definition analog and low-definition digital signals to near high-definition levels.

The feature offers six distinct processes that help to improve brightness, enhance detail, and apply more accurate color and noise reduction with film-like high-resolution.

LG also includes four different burn-in prevention processes, decreasing the chance of burn-in and having the ability to remove burn-in if it does occur. The company is also supporting new plasma displays with its DoubleLife technology, which is said to extend the expected panel life to 60,000 hours, or up to 40 years at typical viewing levels.

The company will also offer a 50W-inch version (model TU-60PY2D). Pricing and availability were still be determined at press time.

Both plasma sets will join a 71W-inch fully integrated TU-71PY10, which is billed as the world’s largest plasma set to actually hit the market. It is slated to arrive in February at price to be determined. The monster plasma set offers 1,920 by 1,080p resolution and include ATSC digital tuning and a CableCARD slot.

LG will also introduce a pair of LCoS rear-projection HDTV sets, the 70W 70SL1D and the 62W-inch 62SL1D. Both feature LG’s XD engine, integrated ATSC tuning and digital CableCARD slots, and produce full 1,920 by 1,080p resolution. Pricing and availability dates will be announced later.

At the same time, LG will expand its DLP assortment with models in the 52W-inch, 56W-inch and 62W-inch screen sizes. All three will have fully integrated ATSC tuning, and digital CableCARD slots. Pricing and availability will be announced.

In LCD TV, LG will unveil a 55W-inch fully integrated HDTV set with full 1080p resolution. Model RU-55LP10 is expected to ship in May at a price to be determined.

LG adds to the set its XD Engine up-conversion technology, and Super In-Plane-Switching (Super IPS) that enables viewing the screen from different angles without distortion of color or image. LG said the horizontal and vertical viewing angle is 176 degrees.

The company will also show a 23W-inch HDTV, model RU-23LG10P, which has a built-in progressive-scan DVD player that seamlessly integrates into the pedestal of the unit. It will ship in the second quarter at a price to be announced.

LG believes the combo product will offer convenience and space saving for a home or office, eliminating the need for an extra DVD player.

The unit includes the XD Engine technology, and Super IPS allowing up to a 176-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle.

Also to be shown is a super-thin 30W-inch fully integrated direct-view CRT television with 1,920 by 1,080i native high-definition resolution. The set includes a single chip that handles both ATSC and NTSC tuning functions. Inputs include HDMI with HDCP, and HD component video.