LG, Gunnar Ink 3D Promo Deal

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San Diego -- Gunnar Optiks today announced an alliance with LG Electronics to co-promote Gunnar's premium 3D eyewear to consumers who have purchased LG Cinema 3D HDTVs.

Joint promotional initiatives, primarily encompassing digital marketing elements, will be executed in the United States to position Gunnar's RealD-certified passive 3D eyewear as a premium accessory for LG Cinema 3D customers.

"Achieving the highest laboratory-tested light transmission and highest measured optical resolution, our 3D eyewear has provided both professionals and consumers an optimal visual experience in theaters," said Rob Aarnes, Gunnar president. "Together with LG's experience in 3DTV technology, this unique combination of innovation is now available in the home for consumers around the globe. We're pleased to align our efforts to reinforce our belief that the future of 3D lies with LG's passive Cinema 3D technology."

 Gunnar 3D eyewear is distributed within both the consumer electronics and optical retail channels, including Best Buy stores, BestBuy.com, eyewear chains and independent eye care providers. Various fashion frames are available at a range of $49 to $149 retail.


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