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LG Cinema 3D Earns Int’l Award

Hollywood,Calif. – The International 3D Society honored LG
Electronics with a 2012 3D Technology Award for the approach to 3DTV called Cinema

“The Awards Committee considered 3D technologies with an eye
on those that are genuine advances to the state of the art. We want to shine a
spotlight on worthy products like LG Cinema 3DTV that make a contribution to
professional and consumer applications,” said Ray Zone, member of the Society’s Awards Committee.

At its awards gala Thursday in Hollywood, the International
3D Society presented the 3D Technology Award to
LG, stating: “The fabulous LG Cinema 3DTV delivers a great viewing experience
with a bright picture, wide viewing angles and lightweight 3D eyewear. Powered
by FPR technology, LG Cinema 3DTV is a fast-growing player in the dynamic 3D

James Fishler, marketing and go-to-market operations senior
VP, LG Electronics USA, accepted the award on behalf of the company. “At LG,
our goal has always been to give people what they want in a TV: outstanding
picture quality, robust features and a compelling viewing experience. When it
comes to 3DTV, LG listened to consumers and gave them what they really want —
a bright, comfortable viewing experience with affordable 3D eyewear,” he said.

LG Cinema 3DTVs use similar 3D technology as movie theaters.
LG’s FPR screen technology gives viewers a great 3D effect without the flicker
of active-shutter glasses, it said, adding that the the inexpensive glasses
make Cinema 3D the ideal choice for families and friends who want to watch

Fishler said, due to its success in 2011, Cinema 3D
technology has been expanded this year to 25 LED models. New 2012 features —
such as 3D Depth Control and 3D Sound Zooming — further enhance the 3D experience.
The 3D Zone in LG’s smart-TV platform now includes an ever-growing array of
online video 3D content. “What’s more, LG’s enhanced 2D-to-3D conversion means
you can now watch anything you want in 3D — from video games to sporting
events, and even personal content,” he said.