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LG Adds 3D Sound To 3D Blu-ray HTiBs

 Englewood Cliffs, N.J. – LG has developed  proprietary 3D sound technology that it will
incorporate in two home-theater-in-a-box (HTiB) systems to synchronize audio
with 3D picture depth when playing back 3D video from Blu-ray discs and
broadcast sources.

The two HTiBs will be available in the first
half, including the top-end BH9420PW.

statement issued by LG in Korea incorrectly stated that four HTiBs to be
introduced at CES would offer the 3D sound feature.

technology, called 3D Sound Zooming, “constantly synchronizes
sound output with the location and movement of the on-screen 3D images,” the
company said. “3D Sound

Zooming is
capable of generating variety of depth in sound based on a complex algorithm
that analyzes the varying depth of numerous on-screen objects displayed [on a 3D

One of the HTiBs with the
technology, the BH9420PW, is due in stores in March.

HTiBs will also be the company’s first with an extra driver in each front
and rear left-right speaker to create a more enveloping, denser soundfield
around listeners, the company said. The extra driver fires upward in a niche in
the baffle, and its sound is then deflected out of the baffle over a wide angle
after hitting an inverted cone.

 The HTiB also features Sound
Field Expansion, which expand the horizontal sound field.

HTiBs will also incorporate LG’s SmartTV platform to access online audio
and video services.