LG: 3D AT&T Phone Due Summer

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New York - AT&T will make the LG-made 3D-capable Thrill 4G smartphone available in a "couple months" and will be priced competitively with non-3D premium smartphones, Tim O'Brien, LG Mobile Phones marketing VP, said.

Previously, AT&T would say only that the Android smartphone would be available in 2011. It was shown earlier this year at the CTIA convention but not in its AT&T configuration, which was shown here.

 LG will promote the phone through ads appearing in 3D cinemas, during a gaming event in San Francisco, and through what O'Brien called the "first 3D user-generated concert" in which consumers using the device will "shoot and share" the concert with YouTube's 3D video-sharing site, he said. The concert stars Jane's Addiction and is scheduled for July.

O'Brien revealed the details during and after a keynote speech here at the 3D entertainment Summit, held in conjunction with Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) CE Line Shows event.

He also said LG would send out 160 product demonstrators to stores and would set up live demo stations at retail "because seeing is believing."

During the keynote, O'Brien called 3D the next step in the evolution of entertainment technology, having brought "real and lifelike" images to cinemas and home entertainment system and now coming to mobile. "It's about to be mobile, and it will be mobile in a big way," he said. "3D is the next frontier for mobile phones."

The Thrill, available exclusively to AT&T, will let users capture and share 3D images and 3D videos, view them on a glasses-free 3D 4.3-inch touchscreen, display the images and video on an HDMI-connected 3D TV, play 3D video games, and view other 3D content, including 3D YouTube videos.

The 3D videos that users will view will be short-form videos up to two minutes and home videos, given that people haven't turned to their mobile phone to view full-length movies, O'Brien said. LG will also include preloaded 3D video content.

The device will capture video in 2D 1080p or 3D 720p and convert 3D images and videos to 2D for display on 2D devices.

 The Thrill will feature 4G 21Mbps HSPA+ technology, mobile hot spot capability, DLNA support, YouTube 3D website integration and included micro HDMI cable.

 Other features include dual 5-megapixel cameras, WVGA display and Android 2.2 OS.


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