Konica Minolta Unveils OLED Printing Technology


Tokyo -

Konica Minolta

announced today the development of an inkjet print head capable of printing electronic devices.

Konica Minolta has developed proprietary Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology to produce a print head capable of delivering a 1-picoliter size droplet. The MEMS technology is similar to what is used to create microprocessors.


Konica Minolta said the print head will be able to literally print out OLED display patterning, OLED lighting thin layer coating and displays for smartphones and other devices that require extremely high accuracy.

Future applications include the next generation of flexible displays, a market that the company expects to grow to 2 trillion yen by 2020.

The printheads are currently available in sample quantities.

The technologies major features are:

  • Utilizes silicon MEMS technology used in semiconductor processing
  • First print head for printed electronics applications to achieve a 1-picoliter drop size
  • High-accuracy printhead structure: 38mm wide; 128 nozzles in one row
  • Stable, highly accurate operation with accuracy drive control on a per-nozzle basis
  • High ink resistance and optimization for low viscosity inks for industrial applications
  • Provides highly uniform thin layer coating (at the 100nm level)
  • Optimized for display manufacturing technology, such as for OLED displays
  • Proprietary DPN (Drive Per Nozzle) drive board and evaluation equipment are available.


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