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HTSA Hires SEO Firm To Boost Online Traffic

UPDATED! Chester Springs, Pa. – Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA), the
specialty A/V and custom-install buying group, has hired an online
marketing firm to help steer more traffic to its members’ Web sites.

The company – Cary, N.C.-based AV NetResults – specializes in the A/V category and provides
proprietary search marketing and search engine optimization methodology to
dozens of dealers and manufacturers nationwide, fueled by a vast search-term
library built upon hundreds of A/V industry online campaigns.

“In these times it is critical
to find the most advanced solution for driving revenues to our members and that
is exactly what we have done,” said HTSA director Richard Glikes. “While it’s
easy to find companies that will spend ad dollars in a general program, it’s
much more valuable to find a targeted solution that can deliver results.”

 Glikes said member dealers have been “rapidly
signing onto the program and the results have been very good in driving

Brendan Morrissey, CEO of
AV NetResults, noted, “HTSA was unequivocal that it wanted to be at the
forefront of the industry’s move toward Internet marketing and wanted us to
launch member campaigns to start driving revenues as soon as possible.”

He said his company’s
marketing solutions will provide HTSA members with more qualified leads and
incremental revenue than can be generated by ads on search sites or through
generic marketing efforts.

In other HTSA news, the buying group and
Sharp recently partnered to certify 23 individuals from 16 HTSA members in
the design, integration and installation of grid-tied, photovoltaic (PV) solar
energy systems.

Michael Amati of Sharp’s Solar division
taught comprehensive two-day courses this summer in Huntington Beach, Calif.,
and  Mahwah, N.J., which included
hands-on installation and design as well as many hours of classroom instruction
and testing.

According David Berman, HTSA’s training and
public relations director, the partnership with Sharp “was an incredible opportunity
… We are constantly being asked by our clients to help reduce their
carbon footprint while improving the clients’ life at home,” which led to the
development of the group’s Guiltless Green Home Theater, which utilizes a
grid-tied, PV solar-energy system to offset the
power consumed by a complete home theater.

 “Instead of buying ingredients from an
‘electronics grocery store,’ consumers can now choose to have a professional
recommend, design and install complete lifestyle solutions, without fear that
the cost will be ridiculous or that they will be choosing the wrong
contractor,” Berman said.