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High-Efficiency (HE) Washer – LG Electronics WT1701CV TurboWash

LG Electronics won the VIP nod in high-efficiency washers for the second consecutive year, this time for its mega-capacity, front-control, top-load washer with proprietary TurboWash technology.

Tapping into the rapidly expanding high-efficiency, top-load washer market, the WT1701CV leverages the advantages of the configuration with a generous 5 cubic feet of capacity. This allows users to wash more items – including larger, bulky laundry basket fillers like comforters – in fewer loads, saving time and money in energy usage.

At the same time, the WT1701CV’s vaunted TurboWash technology allows consumers to save 20 minutes on larger loads while still maintaining outstanding cleaning performance, LG said, thanks to an array of high-pressure nozzles that spray tiny water droplets during final spin cycles, helping clothes rinse faster and more effectively.

The WT1701CV also features a contemporary and ergonomically correct control panel that is located on the front, rather than the rear of the unit, providing easier access to the LED display; cleaner, more streamlined design lines; and more efficient use of laundry room space.

Introduced in January at the 2014 International CES, The Energy Star-rated WT1701CV is 27 inches wide, features an agitator-less stainlesssteel drum, carries a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for parts, a limited 10-year warranty for the motor, and lifetime limited warranty for the drum.