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GE & Amazon Put Dishwasher Pod Purchases On Autopilot

GE Appliances, an early adherent of Amazon’s Dash automatic reordering system, has added dishwashers to its laundry list of compliant products.

The benefit: GE’s connected dishwashers can now order a shipment of detergent pods from Amazon when a count by the appliance determines that supplies at home are low.

The manufacturer, now a unit of Haier Group, said its dishwashers are the first to launch with Dash integration, and claims the title of first U.S. majap maker to offer the replenishment feature in multiple product categories.

GE first announced its dishwasher plans last summer. As a refresher, Dash is a Wi-Fi-based replenishment system for frequently-used household products. Embedded in devices, it can automatically reorder items like printer toner through Amazon when levels are sensed to be low.

Amazon customers can also reorder select products with one touch via branded Wi-Fi Dash buttons that can be affixed to products or locations around the house.

With GE’s connected dishwashers, owners set up Dash Replenishment through the GE Kitchen app using their Amazon account by selecting the brand of dish detergent pods they want and indicating how many they presently have on hand. The dishwasher will then track how many pods are used by counting wash cycles, and will use Dash Replenishment to reorder more pods when it determines that supplies are low.

Owners can adjust their stock of detergent and adjust the reordering level through the GE Kitchen app.

Owners of GE’s connected laundry pairs can already receive automatic shipments of laundry detergent and fabric softener after those products were rendered Dash-compliant earlier this year.

“Dash Replenishment makes lives easier and helping ensure they never run out of everyday essentials,” said Amazon Devices director Daniel Rausch. “We’re thrilled to be teaming up with GE Appliances as it expands its portfolio of appliances that are integrated with Dash Replenishment.”

Added Cynthia Fanning, GE’s dishwasher products VP, “We know that families are using Dash Replenishment to simplify their lives, and we believe that this is one of the many ways our dishwashers will take the chore out of kitchen cleanup.”

GE further cemented its smart-home ties to Amazon last month by imbuing its connected Monogram and GE-brand appliances with Alexa, the e-tailer’s Cloud-based digital assistant. The upshot: Customers can now issue voice commands to select GE ranges, refrigerators, wall ovens, laundry pairs and water heaters via all Alexa-enabled devices, including Amazon’s Echo, Tap and Dot wireless speakers, and Fire TV and tablets.

In addition, GE is now represented by IFTTT mobile apps across all of its white-goods categories, including cooking, refrigeration, laundry and dishwashers. IFTTT — or, “If This Then That” — is an open platform of mobile apps, or “recipes,” that provide on-off or situational commands to compliant, Wi-Fi-enabled devices.